Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let's Give Texas Back to Mexico!
We have it on no less an authority than Barbara Bush that students in Texas currently rank 47th in the nation in literacy, 49th in verbal SAT scores, and 46th in math scores.
More than half of the Texas legislature—products of that prodigious educational system-- signed on to a bill to fix education in their state: The proposed law will allow students and faculty at Texas State Colleges and Universities to carry firearms.
A wretched primary and secondary education will no longer stand in the students' way. They can now extort A's from their teachers with their handguns. Teachers, in their turn, can punish plagiarists by shooting them, or can wake up students by shooting a few rounds into the classroom ceiling.
No doubt, before long, some enterprising digital entrepreneur will produce a smart phone that can shoot real bullets.
Gun violence is big in Mexico. I think the Texans would be more comfortable as part of that country. Let's give Texas back. The Mexican-American war was a big mistake.