Thursday, November 7, 2013

Coke runnin' 'round my brain . . . .

A few years ago the Koch brothers (pronounced “coke”) were just a couple of little know billionaires.
But then they became known as the financial angels and organizers of various Tea Party groups. Groups that supposedly are fueled by the political outrage of common people, are actually created by two billionaires.
They also put their money into organizations that assert loudly that there is no global warming. While there is solid scientific consensus that global warming is real and caused by human activities, the energy industries in which the Coke brothers are big wheels, spend a good deal of money keeping the doubts alive whether, maybe, there really is no such thing as global warming
Now it turns out that some of those billions come from refining Canadian tar sands—the crude that is supposed to flow all the way to the Gulf of Mexico in the Keystone XL pipeline.
This is very heavy oil and the refining process produces a black powder called “pet-coke” that the Coke (aka Koch) Brothers are storing on the water front in Detroit and in Chicago. Large dumps of fine black powder blows all over the neighborhoods adjacent to the harbors in Detroit and Chicago, causing serious respiratory difficulties for many of the common people. 

The Coke brothers bring us the Tea Party, global warming deniers, and mountains of Pet Coke that make poor people sick in Detroit and Chicago.
Their magic weapon is money.
The product of tar sands and pet coke is a sea of money, a drug that is totally addictive to politicians. Their heads addled by the addictive drug of generous campaign funds dispensed by the coke brothers, Congress people recently shut down the government. What is worse, they undermined the international standing of the US by coming very close to forcing the government to default on its debts.
Now they are considering a repeat performance.
Coke whether in the form of two billionaire brothers, the by product of tar sands refining, or the addicting campaign fund drugs are always bad news.

Hey baby, better come here quick,
This old Koch is ‘bout to make me sick.
Koch running all around my brain.